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Guaranteed 2 hour delivery (or less) if required.

Between NYC and Western Suffolk

Guaranteed same day delivery.

Within a 300 mile radius of NYC.

Guaranteed for an 
envelope or truck load......

And everything in between.

The Guarantee of saving money.

Just compare our basic 
rates to theirs.


Your account handled by company owners.

Not salespeople or customer service reps. 

Licensed and insured in every state in the US.

Since 1985.

When you need it there in an hour... or just by the end of the day... from that personal envelope... to truckloads of fine furniture... Crystal Cargo is where You Get more than you thought possible... See what they could do for your local community. 

Meet the team of highly skilled, dedicated professionals that learned of all the shortcomings prevalent throughout the Same Day Courier and Trucking Industry first hand... and exactly what they ended up doing about it.

It's extraordinary to discover how Crystal Cargo brought the ultimate definition of personalized service to the Transportation Industry and specifically what they do to provide this level of service to all their customers (and their customer's customers) ... everyday.