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Not too long ago, it seemed like every big business was buying up as many small companies within an industry as they could (to shrink the competition) in order to control a good portion of the market. Often they would then raise the prices and a short time after that, go public. Many at the top end of these deals made a substantial amount of money and went on to the next venture, leaving the customers behind.

This trend continued until recent years when initial public offerings ran out of steam. That is when this maneuver evolved into something considerably more unfavorable for customers which now involves a few of our local industries. One of them being the Same Day Courier and Trucking business. 
Several large companies are now starting to buy up local Courier and Trucking companies here on Long Island. After the purchase of the small company is made and the original owners receive their money, the deal includes keeping the original name and location of the company along with all the existing personnel; including the original owners.

This is done to give the false impression of competition and local ownership and also serves to deceive the customers into thinking they will continue to receive the same level of service they experienced in the past. The hope being, before the customers realize the deterioration in service, sales will continue until they reach their goal of controlling a good portion of the local market.

Dom states: “If you were lucky enough to have any of these owners looking out for your account in the past, no matter what they’d like you to believe now, just think about how different their motivation and effectiveness is going to be since
they’ve already sold out, have been demoted from an owner to an employee, and have a pocket full of big business money.”

Barbara adds: “It’s a very poor situation for the customers. If you were an account number where you were doing business before, you have become even less significant to them now because they have thrown you into the larger pool of this business where owners, salespeople, customer service reps, drivers, and dispatchers
(from other companies that you may have fired in the past for a multitude of reasons) are now handling your business again, without you being told.

Crystal Cargo has been solicited by large companies a total of 3 times recently but they refuse to be bought. Dominick, his wife Barbara and partner Judy are all of the simple philosophy that
selling out or retiring early one day while they are still vital and able to continue to contribute to society in such a positive manner is just wrong…for them. They fully understand how it works for other people. But this is not a job to them, it’s a career with a business they built, so it’s their baby. Judy sums it up: “…it’s a hectic business with its good and bad days like any other, but we actually enjoy going to work everyday, so we’re going to stay right here as long as we are able.”

Yes, they are a few of
those people.